Affordable and Clean Energy

affordable and clean energy

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d/Affordable and Clean Energy

Affordable and Clean Energy

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Access to affordable and clean energy is vital for sustainable development. As of now, around 13% of the global population still lacks access to modern electricity. This means that millions of people are left without the benefits that electricity can bring, such as lighting, refrigeration, and communication.


  • Over 1 billion people in the world lack access to electricity.
  • Roughly 2.8 billion people rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating.
  • In 2017, renewable energy accounted for 17.5% of global total final energy consumption.
  • Between 2010 and 2018, the proportion of the global population with access to electricity increased from 83% to 89%.
  • However, progress needs to be accelerated to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030, as targeted by the Sustainable Development Goals.

We must continue to work towards affordable and clean energy solutions to ensure a sustainable and equitable future for all.