Decent Work and Economic Growth

decent work and economic growth

d/decent work and economic growth

Day No. 21

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Day No. 15

Prof. Yunus is a great man! I am sad about his current situation in Bangladesh, but he stays with us as inspiration. SENStation officially started from the conference with Prof. Yunus.

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d/Decent Work and Economic Growth

Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Decent work and economic growth are essential for sustainable development. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), as of 2020, the global unemployment rate stood at 5.4%, with around 205 million people unemployed worldwide.

However, the ILO also reported that significant progress has been made in reducing poverty and promoting decent work. From 2000 to 2020, the number of people living in extreme poverty declined by more than half, from 1.9 billion to 689 million.

Furthermore, efforts towards achieving sustainable economic growth have resulted in increased labor productivity. From 1991 to 2021, global labor productivity grew by an average of 2.2% per year.

These statistics highlight the importance of decent work and economic growth in improving living standards and reducing poverty globally.